Independent Telephone Engineer Hemel Hempstead

Independent Telephone Engineer Hemel Hempstead

BT Openreach Master Socket - telephone engineer hemel hempstead


Independent Telephone Engineer Hemel Hempstead are independent ex BT  Telephone Engineers. We can provide – Telephone Extensions, Telephone Sockets, Telephone Master sockets, VDSL sockets, Home data networking, wifi boosting, cat5 and cat6 cabling, Broadband Diagnostics, telephone wiring and line Faults in Hemel Hempstead.

Independent Telephone Engineer Hemel Hempstead 01442 600 702

You’ll speak directly to qualified Telephone engineer, all prices discussed are inclusive of VAT.

Should you have any questions or difficulties why not get in touch via one of the different methods available via this website and we would be happy to answer them.


Why I left BT Openreach to become a local Independent Telephone Engineer Hemel Hempstead

I used to be a telephone engineer in Hemel Hempstead for BT Openreach I had to leave due to reasons of BT Openreach and their attitude to working methods and respect to customers. for example Health and safety gone mad, lack of training for new equipment.

The worst reason is that they never wanted to spend any money on the rural networks, I would inform them of the cable that needed replacing and do all the necessary paper work with the drawings. Then to be told that it won’t be replaced!!! and what reasons do they give “money money”.


telephone engineer hemel hempstead

The lack of respect towards customers is terrible since it turned to BT Openreach, now its charge as many customers as you can! We had to give a report on how many customers we charged and if it didn’t reach your target you would go on a PIP (personal improvement plan).

The engineers that charged the most for that month would receive a nice gift in the way of a voucher. so some engineers would charge a customer even if the fault was in BT Openreachs own network just to stay off the PIP or try to target the voucher.

Now the days are upon the BT Openreach engineers in Hemel Hempstead, where they are tracked via there vehicle “so no dropping the kids of to school in the vans anymore”

These were some of the reasons for leaving but now I can put back into the community by helping those who have been neglected by their service provider i.e. BT, Talk Talk, Sky, Virgin.

I can help you through it when it starts to become impossible



Ex BT telephone engineer hemel hempstead


If your Telephone service is supplied by BT, Sky, 02, Plusnet, Talk Talk, Tiscali, Orange, AOL or any other service provider Independent Telephone Engineer Hemel Hempstead can help with any faults or problems.



Has your provider checked your line ? and told you your internal wiring or connected equipment is at fault and that a large call out charge fee for an engineer is required ? If yes then call us today for speedy Telephone Line & Broadband Repairs.

Our purpose is to serve customers in the best way we can by providing a reliable efficient service in a much more flexible timescale than the major national telephone companies. We do this by being responsive to our customers needs, which ultimately saves you time and money.

We can normally accommodate your requests within a few days unlike some companies who take weeks to make an appointment. Our prices are also very competitive, for instance you will pay half the price of what BT, Virgin Media would charge you for an Engineer doing the same task.

How to test your telephone line

If you’re having problems with your telphone line, whether a noisy line or
you have no dial tone, use the following quick tests to help identify
where your problem lies.

If a BT Openreach Telephone engineer is scheduled for a visit and
your problem is deemed to be related to your own equipment or internal wiring, charges in excess of £120 for the visit and £70 an hour may be applied by your service provider.

In the very first instance of experiencing problems with your line, check the following basics with your own telephone equipment

Are any of your telephones off the hook?
Look at the telephone cables and any power cables – are they securely plugged in?
Check Microfilters are installed into the telephone socket where required.
For cordless telephones, please make sure the battery is charged.


Ex bt openreach independent telephone engineer hemel hempstead



If all of the above checks test ok, unplug the telephone that you are having problems with and try another telephone in the same telephone socket. If your problem goes away, then your telephone is at fault. If your problem persists, continue to step 3.


Connect your telephone into the MASTER TEST SOCKET. If possible, use a corded telephone as opposed to a cordless base station. When testing at the TEST socket, all other telephone equipment should be removed from the telephone socket – including Microfilters, doublers any other extension wiring.Your Test socket can be found behind the Master Telephone Socket Faceplate. This telephone socket is the point where your telephone line enters from outside into your property. In most residential dwellings, this is often towards the front of your property. The latest Master sockets will have either the BT Piper logo or Openreach logo on the top left corner.
Remove the 2 small screws on the Master Telephone Socket Faceplate, The master telephone socket may have a BT logo on the top hand corner of the faceplate and will be the only socket with the TEST socket behind.
Carefully take out the bottom half of faceplate.
On the right hand side beneath the face plate you should now be able to see the TEST telephone socket.
Plug your telephone into the TEST socket.
If after testing from your TEST socket you telephone now works, you may have a problem with your internal wiring.

If after carrying out the above tests you are still experiencing problems, please contact us on 01442 600 702 and we will be happy to assist you further.

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