Caller Display Not Working

Caller Display Not Working

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There are four common factors that can affect Caller Display.

These are:

Withheld numbers:

If the caller has withheld their number it will not appear on your caller display.

Try calling from a number you know isn’t withheld to see if this solves the problem.

Faulty display screens:

try using a different phone with a display screen.

If Caller Display works on this phone then there’s likely a problem with the first phone.

Low battery:

If your handset has ran out of battery, the display screen won’t work.


sometimes faulty equipment or devices can interfere with a Caller Display.
To try and fix the issue, follow our checks below:

Try a different handset

Test a different handset that also has a display screen.
If Caller ID is working correctly on the alternative handset, then there is likely a problem with the first phone rather than your network.

Eliminate any devices causing interference

Disconnect all your devices leaving just one phone with a display screen attached.
Test to see if Caller Display works.
Now reconnect each device one by one, testing Caller Display each time.
If reconnecting a device prevents Caller Display from working, you can identify this as the device that’s causing the interference.

Avoid reconnecting it while you use Caller Display.

Use your test socket

Testing a telephone directly in your master socket is the final check to eliminate the fault being within your home.

Please see here for information on how to locate your Master socket.

It will take a few minutes and all you need is a screwdriver and landline phone.

Unscrew the lower plastic panel.
Pull the faceplate off to reveal the test socket.

telephone engineer hemel hempstead telephone and broadband master socket test
Plug your phone directly into the test socket and try calling your landline again.
BT Test socket


If you’re still experiencing issues after following the steps above, you may need to ring your service provider(sky, BT, Talk Talk)so they can do some line tests then possibly send an BT Openreach telephone engineer to help you.



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