Do you hear a recorded message when you try to make a phone call

If you hear a recorded message when you try to make a phone call

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Error message Telephone Engineer Hemel Hempstead or St Albans

Sometimes the best way for a service provider(BT, Talk Talk, SKY) to pass information to their customers is to play a recorded message when the phone is being used.

If you’re trying to make a phone call and you hear a recorded message, it is because they need to tell you something about your service or the call you are making.

Please listen to the message as it will explain if you need to do anything.

Some of the most common messages are listed below:

“Sorry, the number you have dialled has not been recognised, please hang up and try again”.

You might have dialled the number incorrectly. Try dialling the number again and take extra care.

“The number you have dialled cannot receive incoming calls”.

The person you’re trying to call has a problem with their phone.

You should try and call them on an alternative number.

“This number does not receive calls from withheld numbers”.

If you’ve enabled the Withold Number, you’ll need to temporarily deactivate it before you can make this call.

“Your call cannot be connected, goodbye”.

The person you’re trying to call may have an issue with their line.

You should try and call them on an alternative number.

“Sorry, your call cannot be connected at this time”.

The person you’re trying to call may be on another call, or their phone could be temporarily disconnected.

Wait a while and try again.

“No Routes Found”.

Your call couldn’t be routed correctly through the telephone exchange.

This might mean there is a problem with your network.

“No Error”.

No error has been identified.

All call restriction

If you hear this message it means that there is a block placed against your line to prevent calls being made.

Note: Your Service Provider will never place a bar against 999.

Just hang on and the call will automatically connect to their Customer Services Team who will sort this out for you.

Partial call restriction

For new customers service providers will automatically block calls to some international destinations in order to protect you from potential fraudulent activities such as phone scams, as many of these originate in specific countries.

The list of countries included does change, so if you are having any problems dialling a specific country or a premium rate number, contact your service provider.

Line not activated

If you hear a message that says you are not registered to use the service, it is possible that your service has not been fully activated yet. Simply contact your service provider and they will be able to resolve this for you.

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