Noisy Telephone line in Hemel Hempstead – St Albans

Noisy Telephone line in Hemel Hempstead – St Albans

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If your uncomfortable with these tests please ring and we will try to help 01442 600 702

I have a noisy or faint Telephone line in Hemel Hempstead

If you have noise on your telephone line, or your telephone line is faint.

Please follow the steps below to try and solve the problem.


Try dialling a different number in Hemel Hempstead

In order to work out the source of the noise or faint line, try making a call to another telephone number.

If the noise or faint telephone line is not present, it is likely there is an issue at the destination of your first call.

If the noise/faint line is still present, there appears to be a problem at your end.

Please complete the following checks to identify the problem.


Check your connections in Hemel Hempstead

Make sure that all your cables are connected securely.

If you have made any recent changes to the setup of your telephones, router or Sky TV box, try reversing the changes.

If this resolves the issue, then simply add one device at a time back in and make test calls to the landline after you add each one.

This will help you identify which piece of equipment is causing the issue.


Test in the master test socket


Most properties have a master socket where the telephone line enters the building.

To find out whether the issue is being caused by something within your property.

Try disconnecting all other devices including microfilters, fax machines, gaming consoles and Sky boxes and equipment to leave only your phone connected directly to the master socket.

Some types of master socket also have a test socket located underneath the faceplate.

If you have one, we recommend testing your phone in this socket to see if the problem continues.

telephone engineer hemel hempstead telephone and broadband master socket test


Try an alternative handset


If you are using a cordless handset, try using a corded handset to see if this is the cause of the issue.


If all else fails give us a ring and we will try to help 01442 600 702

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