Telephone and Broadband faults

Telephone and Broadband faults self help.

A Telephone or Broadband fault is one of the most annoying things you will ever have to deal with, and if

you don’t check your internal wiring and equipment first it may become very expensive too!!


Check you wiring first

Check your side of the line. You may be saying I’ve done this a thousand times? However in your

frustration with the advisor have you missed something or sat watching the TV and just said I’ve done that

when you haven’t!!

Telephone and Broadband Faults Confusion

Your telephone and broadband service can be provided by many different companies (called providers) i.e.

BT, Sky, TalkTalk, Plusnet etc.

However they can’t fix your external line, only BT Openreach are authorised to repair your external line and any equipment it connects to externally.

So when you call your provider and say send me an engineer it’s not that simple for your provider (some

providers can send you an internal engineer costing from £50 upwards) BT Openreach cannot attend every

phone fault in the country as they don’t have the manpower or resources, so your provider has to run

through a series of checks before BT Openreach will accept that the fault as potentially being on their


That’s why your providers advisors will attempt to check and double check the fault is not in your property to minimise the risk of

sending you a charge by BT Openreach. (BT Openreach can charge your provider over £240 for a non fault call out!! Some or all of this cost can be passed on to you the customer).

So before you lose the will to live and pull all your hair out, Give us a ring 01442 600 702

As mentioned earlier internal faults are your responsibility to repair and you will need to source an

independent telephone engineer like Telephone Engineer Hemel Hempstead

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