Bad Telephone Wiring from BT Openreach

BT Openreach Engineer in Hemel Hempstead Gets it Wrong


Now this doesn’t apply to all BT Openreach engineers, but sometimes it does make you wonder what goes through their heads!

This is an install from a BT Openreach engineer in Hemel Hempstead recently.

Telephone engineer hemel hempstead IMG_3124

I think that the worst part of this install is the fact that BT Openreach engineers are still drilling through window frames.

Also notice that black cable on a white wall, doesn’t look that appealing to the eye.

The customer wanted me to change the wiring the BT Openreach Engineer had finished.

So I cut the wire outside pulled it off the window and wall and installed a new wire outside and connected to a new master telephone test socket.

Telephone engineer hemel hempstead

The customer was extremely happy the work and vowed never to use a BT Openreach engineer in Hemel Hempstead ever again!

But she was very happy to recommend Telephone Engineer Hemel Hempstead always.


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