Don’t pay the outrageous charges from BT Engineers

Don’t get caught out by the outrageous charges from BT Engineers BT charges £130 call out including vat per visit, if you require a telephone extension they will charge you another £75 on top of that making the cost £205   Click Here to see BT Charges     If you require a BT Engineer to […] read more

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Bad Telephone Wiring from BT Openreach

BT Openreach Engineer in Hemel Hempstead Gets it Wrong   Now this doesn’t apply to all BT Openreach engineers, but sometimes it does make you wonder what goes through their heads! This is an install from a BT Openreach engineer in Hemel Hempstead recently. I think that the worst part of this install is the […] read more

Reporting Damage on the Telephone Network

Tell BT Openreach what it’s about and they will put you in touch with the right team   Reporting damage If BT Openreach have caused damage to your property in Hemel Hempstead or St Albans during recent work, you can tell them by calling 0800 023 2023, Option 1, then Option 2. They also want to know immediately […] read more

Service Provider Contact Numbers in Hemel Hempstead – St Albans

Service Provider Contact Numbers   Talk Talk – Please make sure you have your account details to hand when you call. Call for free on: 0345 172 0088 Calls to the above number are free from your TalkTalk phone. BT – Give BT a call on their 24-hour customer service helpline with their famous freephone […] read more

Do you hear a recorded message when you try to make a phone call

If you hear a recorded message when you try to make a phone call Sometimes the best way for a service provider(BT, Talk Talk, SKY) to pass information to their customers is to play a recorded message when the phone is being used. If you’re trying to make a phone call and you hear a recorded […] read more

How to test you telephone line Hemel Hempstead – St Albans

If you have no dial tone, please follow the steps below to fix the problem.     Step 1 – Check how your kit is set up in Hemel Hempstead – St Albans Check all your cables and make sure everything’s connected properly. Depending on your socket type, you might need microfilters. These stop your […] read more

Telephone and Broadband faults

Telephone and Broadband faults self help. A Telephone or Broadband fault is one of the most annoying things you will ever have to deal with, and if you don’t check your internal wiring and equipment first it may become very expensive too!!   Check you wiring first Check your side of the line. You may […] read more